Alcoa, TN Pest Control

Alcoa, since it shares in the subtropical climate of neighboring Knoxville, is prone to pests like subterranean termites and bedbugs. Dayton's Pest Control is proud to serve this area with both pest control and pest prevention services, but we first want you to know what you may be facing.

Termite Control

Subterranean termites build underground colonies, which branch out in a network of tunnels usually to the basements of people's homes. They like to feed on wood that directly touches the soil and shares in its moistness, and given enough time, they can hollow out these structures and migrate to your walls and attic. When seeking a new breeding ground in the spring, they develop winged termites, and when their task is complete, these swarmers dispose of their wings: prime evidence that can alert you to a termite invasion.

Drywood termites don't live in soil but in the wood itself. Their nests are small and their infestations localized, so they don't require a full-structure treatment to be removed. Still, they'll lead to costly damage in your attic, walls, and upholstery. From their burrows, they'll kick out pellet-like excrement, which our pest inspector will easily identify.

We can apply Termidor®, a termiticide, around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier that repels and kills subterranean termites. It can also be used on drywood termites. Additionally, we offer Sentricon® systems that can kill subterranean termite colonies with slow-acting bait.

Ant Control

The ants you might encounter can range from large carpenter ants to tiny pharaoh ants. Carpenter ants are black or dark red in color, and they build their homes inside of damp wood, usually in the attic or outside in the structural beams. When burrowing through wood, they invariably make a mess of sawdust, which will serve as an indicator to our inspector. Pharaoh ants have an amber color and are most often found in kitchens. They're able to disperse their colonies whenever they're sprayed, so treatment should be left to our professionals. We have perimeter-wide control methods that will target your ants' every entry point.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can invade your home no matter how clean it is. That's because all they want is a warm place to hide and a warm body to suck blood from. You might spot these brown, slender (or fat, if they recently fed) pests with the naked eye, especially at night in bed. Their favored hiding spots are mattresses and box springs, and they also dwell in cracks in the walls and baseboards. They'll feed on exposed skin, making bites in clusters. While they don't carry diseases, their bites do swell and become itchy, sometimes developing blisters.

Throwing out the mattress will not solve the problem. Our team will use a liquid insecticide to eliminate them. An insecticide dust will be scattered over light sockets and electrical covers.

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