Andersonville, TN Pest Control

Andersonville is a small, quiet town in East Tennessee just south of Norris Lake and several state parks and forests. Because the beautiful land is so fertile, has plenty of fresh water and is in a warm climate, a wide variety of animal life calls the community and surrounding area home. Unfortunately, many of these animals are insects and other pests that have the potential to be much more than mere nuisances. Some of them have the potential to spread disease and damage homes and other structures.


Ants are an invasive species that can be extremely difficult to control once they find a route into your home or office. Conventional pest-control products, such as sprays and traps, are rarely enough to keep ants out for any length of time because they must reach the larger colony.

Even if the crack or crevice that ants are using to enter the building is located, they are very efficient at finding other points of entry. In addition, with some species, spray poisons can actually lead to population increases because all they do is disrupt the colony, splitting it into two or more separate colonies.


Over the past few decades, the termite problem in Tennessee and many parts of the country has worsened as different species migrate to new areas. Controlling colonies was once a simple matter because tried and true methods for the native species were already in place. Today, it can be a long and costly battle to prevent termites from infesting a building or to eliminate infestations that have already occurred without professional help.

Termites are small insects similar in appearance and size to ants, but they have the potential to cause problems that are much more serious. It is well known that termites eat wood, but unless you have witnessed the damage firsthand, it is difficult to imagine just how extensive it can be.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most despised insects around the world because they only come out at night, and they have a penchant for the blood of people and pets. Bed bugs are small, flat and round, but after feeding, they swell and take on the reddish hue of the blood they have eaten.

The spots where they bite become inflamed and can cause itching and pain. While the red bumps and itchiness eventually go away with no lasting effects, the bites will continue night after night until action is taken to eliminate them. The only problem is that bed bugs are notorious for being difficult to find.

Dayton's Pest Control

If you live in or near Andersonville, TN, and have a problem or think you may be infested with insects, rodents or other pests, contact Dayton’s Pest control, headquartered in Knoxville. Dayton Hylton has a master’s degree in entomology, the study of insects, and opened his business in 1985. Since that time, his effective services and commitment to local communities has spread far and wide. Call Dayton’s Pest control today for more information.