Bed Bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color and are 5-7 mm in length. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, but most commonly in areas where people sleep such as bedding, mattresses, and bed frames. In most cases bed bugs are not a sign of unclean or unsanitary environments.

Bed bugs can travel on people, suitcases, clothing, and any other portable item. Because of this, bed bugs have been found in upscale hotels. Bed Bugs are most active at night and bite any exposed areas of the skin.

A person may not feel the bite as it is happening, but will notice a red bump and experience itching anywhere from a few minutes to days later. In most cases, bed bug bites can go untreated. The bumps will eventually go away, but more bites will occur if the infestation is not taken care of.

How to Detect Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are very small so they may be hard to detect. Make sure you know how to tell if you have bed bugs. Along with bed bugs, fecal matter and eggs may also be present in the area they inhabit. Bed bugs move, but their waste and eggs do not. Look for dark spots and shed skin on your mattress. If you lift your bedding, you may see the bed bugs scurry away because they prefer to be in the dark.

Check seams of your mattress to see if you can spot the bed bugs. Unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites are usually in a form of a straight line along a blood vessel. If you see any of the above, you most likely have a bed bug infestation.

Our Bed Bug Pest Control

Our experts know how to completely get rid of bed bug infestations in your home.

Here is what you can expect from our bed bug pest control.

  • Inspect bedding before sleeping concentrating on the folds of the mattress.
  • Inspect mattress, nightstand and headboard.
  • Once bed bugs have been detected consideration to discard the mattress should be taken. The bed should be taken apart so treatment can be performed.
  • The carpet area should be treated with a liquid insecticide mixed with an insect growth regulator.
  • The bed frame and night stands should also be treated.
  • Light sockets and electrical covers should be removed and dusted with an insecticide dust.
  • If any bedding it to be kept it should be treated with Steri-fab prior to being placed back on the bed.

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