3 Reasons for Radon Mitigation

Many houses throughout the United States are built over naturally occurring radon deposits in the ground. As a radioactive gas, radon comes from uranium, radium and thorium as they break down. The gas poses a risk as it seeps into homes. However, this problem has an easy solution. Radon mitigation systems easily solve any home’s radon problem and keep radon from exceeding the CDC’s recommended levels.

Here are three reasons for radon mitigation:

1. Keep Your Family Safe

Underground radon deposits plague so much land that most builders cannot avoid them. They seep into basements and any structure built partly underground. Radon is colorless and odorless, making it undetectable and deadly. In fact, radon causes over 20,000 deaths per year and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. A radon mitigation system allows the gas to escape from underground deposits without building up in your home. When radon gas escapes, it no longer poses a threat. 

2. Sell Your Home Faster

Many people looking for a home know about the risk of radon gas. To help your home sell on the real estate market, install a radon mitigation system. New homeowners often must attend to many details regarding their newly acquired property, such as renovations and other hassles involved with moving. An existing radon mitigation system is one less issue for them to worry about and could just be the ticket to selling your home faster. Also, a new radon mitigation system comes with the peace of mind that the system will not need updating for some time.

3. Comply With Local Ordinances

Laws regarding radon vary depending on the state and town. Business owners and landlords must sometimes install radon mitigation systems in their properties to protect their employees and tenants. Should anyone within an occupied building without a radon mitigation system become sick, the business and/or property owner may be held accountable. Avoid penalization by installing a new radon mitigation system. 

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