Are Termites Active During Fall and Winter?

If you’ve ever witnessed termite activity in your home, then you are aware of how quickly they can cause terrible damage. And not just to your home’s structure, but to your wallet! As the summer is now over and the cooler temperatures will begin to stay for good, you may feel as though you can breathe easier. With the weather becoming colder termites will want to hibernate like most other creatures, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Keep reading to learn more about a termite’s activity during fall and winter.

Seasonal Termite Activity

Termites keep active all year round. However, the conditions must be right for them to remain active. During the colder months in cooler climates, they will begin to burrow further into the ground to keep warm. Any food sources that are exposed to the cold are usually abandoned. So, although they are moving deeper into the earth, they are always looking for their next source of food. If there is enough snow to keep the ground insulated, a termite colony can keep searching for their next food source and they can keep producing eggs. However, if they are exposed to freezing temperatures for a long period of time, the colony will not survive. Therefore, it is more unlikely to experience a termite infestation in your home during the winter season. Yet, it isn’t impossible.

Your warm, cozy house can become a warm space for termites. Foundation, walls, dirt basements or a heated crawl space can become a shelter during the colder months of the year. Outside of the home, you may discover evidence of swarming through the fall months. However, you won’t see swarms during the months of December to February. You will find mud tubes and damaged wood outside throughout the year, because termites enter your home through the ground and in through the foundation. But you should also be sure to look inside of your home for signs of mud tubes in dark, damp areas such as in your basement, closets, crawl spaces, storage areas, the attic or even in your bathroom.

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Termites don’t take a break during the colder months through fall and winter, which is why you should never assume that your home is safe from infestations. It is recommended that you have your home inspected for termite activity at least once a year. But if you suspect that you already have termite damage, call Dayton’s Pest Control today!