Common Springtime Household Pests

After the cold and gloomy weather of winter, heaps of spring sunshine fill the sky. Flowers bloom while plants regrow. Perfect temperatures define the days to come, as we finally enjoy the fresh breeze. Everyone’s out of hiding and ready to enjoy this springtime weather, including pests! 

Insects have been in hibernation for all of winter, so you can imagine how hungry and thirsty they are. They’re ready to start searching for food and water. Where will they be searching first? Your sacred home! But what kind of pests should we be on the lookout for? 

House Flies 

House flies either enter your home accidentally or are looking for food there. Ridding them from your home be pretty difficult for them once they’re inside. They may lay eggs in your home, most likely your garbage can, in turn breeding more flies. 

Flies will contaminate any food left out by spreading diseased organisms. These organisms are gathered from the bacteria-ridden areas they thrive in. This is how the transmission of foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella and E. coli, are spread. 


The ants you see invading your precious home are mainly searching for food to return to their colony. Once they’ve hit the jackpot, they and their friends will continue to return until you have the entire ant colony in your home. Ants enjoy living close to us and eat some of the same foods we do—sweet foods and liquids, to name a few. 

Ants are able to sniff out food from distances away with their very strong sense of smell. When they find a food source, they’ll start taking their haul back to their nest. The ants leave a familiar trail of scent for the other ants to track. This trail comes from the food source and leads back to the colony, allowing them to feed other ants. It can be extremely hard to purge your home of these itty-bitty invaders once they’ve descended on your home. 

Bees and Wasps 

The mix of warmth and moisture from spring draws bees and wasps out of hiding from their winter habitats. Luckily, wasps control the insect population by feeding on other insects. Unfortunately, if they’ve become comfortable nesting in your home, it means that their food supply is somewhere nearby. Like many insects, bees and wasps look for places to establish their colonies and lay eggs. 

Honey attracts bees, so unless your house contains a ton of honey, you shouldn’t worry too much about a buzzing invasion. If they do happen to invade your home, though, it’s not easy to get them out. For one thing, it is illegal to destroy bees, given how essential they are to the environment. So, killing them wouldn’t be an option. 


During the winter, mice like to find warm, comfy places to stay in your home, but tend to overstay their welcome. During springtime, your home is warm, dry and offers easy access to food and water. Sounds like the perfect arrangement for a furry pest, doesn’t it? Plus, your home’s cabinets and walls shield them from predators in the wild—though your pets would become the new threat.  

Mice also have a habit of gnawing on furniture, wires and other items in your house. Not great house guests, are they? And the worst part is that they bring other species of pests with them. They bring mites, ticks and fleas along with them. These pests have diseases of their own and even help spread the illnesses that mice carry. 

Pests that emerge in the spring can be the worst. Once they’ve entered your home, they have every intention of staying. If you’re experiencing this, contact Dayton’s Pest Control today. Leave it to our skilled professionals to take care of business so that you’re able to enjoy a pest-free home this spring!