Controlling Garden Pests

Taking care of a garden is an excellent way to spend leisure time. It is a relaxing activity that also helps to beautify the world. However, garden pests can quickly eradicate all your hard work and ruin a wonderful garden. Your best bet is to control garden pests before they become a major problem. If you do not know where to start, keep reading to learn all about controlling garden pests.

Use Barriers

Protect your garden by setting up physical barriers that garden pests cannot cross. One of the best options is positioning a fine net over your plants. It is vital for the health of your plants to leave enough room for them to grow, though. Adding a cardboard collar around the stems of your plants will help to keep cutworms and burrowing insects from accessing your plants from under the ground.

Use the Natural Enemies of the Pests

Not all insects are troublesome. In fact, some are helpful. Some insects like spiders, wasps, ground beetles and ladybirds are beneficial to gardens because they prey on pests that can destroy it. Keep a lookout for these insects and introduce them to your garden by planting plants and flowers that produce pollen and nectar.

Keep Your Soil Healthy

Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Healthy plants are resilient to damage that can be caused by garden pests. Before you plant your garden, turn the soil over and add organic materials such as compost or manure so the soil can reap the benefits of the nutrients they offer.

Rotate Your Crops

Crop rotation is not just for farmers. It can be extremely helpful to the home gardener, too. Planting different types of vegetation in different places in your garden every year helps to keep pests away. In the spring when underground pests look to your garden for food, they will go elsewhere if the plants they feasted on one year are gone the next.


One of the easiest and surest ways to control pests in your garden is to use pesticides. Some good choices of pesticides include slug pellets, spray chemicals and organic pesticides. If you decide to use pesticides to control garden pests, keep them stored where children and pets cannot access them.

Controlling garden pests is not impossible, it just requires a bit of effort. If you do not want to tackle the job yourself, call a trusted professional, like the skilled staff at Tim’s Pest Control. We can help make sure your garden looks fabulous all season long.