Easy Steps To Avoid Pest Infestations

Pests invading your home is scary. It’s a health risk that’s unsightly and can’t be ignored. With that said, it can seem like there isn’t anything that you can do to prevent these pests from coming inside.

Those at Dayton’s Pest Control Team know that isn’t true. Not only do we have the solutions to deal with pests after they’ve entered your home, but we also know how to prevent them from getting the chance.

That’s what we’ll be talking about today! We’ll give you three easy steps that you can take to ensure your home’s safety. So before those pests start making their move, let’s begin.

1. Cut Off Their Pathways!

You need to restrict their access to the home. It will be easier to eliminate the pests inside if they don’t have backup to replenish their numbers.

Start by sealing off any cracks or crevices that allow entry into your home even if you believe they couldn’t get through it. Keep an eye out for any holes where wires or pipes come inside. Then take a simple sealer and block it. You could even achieve that with some copper mesh.

Also, look for tears in screens on windows or doors and check the dryer vent to ensure it isn’t stuck open.

2. Keep Spiders Away With a Humidifier.

A simple way to keep spiders from invading your basement and everything in it is to use a humidifier.

Place the humidifier in your basement and maintain about a 40 percent humidity level. That massively impacts the number of spiders that take up shelter down there.

Another good measure is to sweep down any cobwebs with a broom regularly. It won’t be an overnight fix. However, it will help in just a few weeks typically.

3. Trim Any Plants That Make Contact With Your Home.

To keep further intruders from entering, you should trim the plants that make contact with the siding or roof of the house. Those plants support ants and other pests as a bridge to your home.

You need to keep around six inches of clear space between the soil around your foundation and the bottom of your siding. That will prevent ants from building nests in the actual siding of your home.

If the ants continue to be a hassle in your life, then take another look at our ant extermination service here!

Quick Bonus Tips.

  • White vinegar is a great way to deter ants. Use ¼ cup of white vinegar, two cups of water and ten drops of peppermint/eucalyptus oil and wipe away the trail that ants have left behind.
  • Close off your pet food. Keep your pet food in a sealed container/ location to make sure that pests don’t sneak in.
  • Guard your chimney. Chimneys are a very convenient way for pests to access, so don’t let them get the chance. Installing a chimney cap or screen can do the trick.

Get Backup, So They Don’t Keep Coming!

If you want to feel secure about your home’s protection against pests, you need professional assistance.

Those at Dayton’s Pest Control know how to give you the help you need to make sure those pests stay out, and your loved one’s health remains intact. Contact us at Dayton’s Pest Control today!