How Professionals Treat for Mold

Mold is a word that no homeowner ever wants to hear. Not only is it gross to look at, but it can cause serious health hazards such as respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Plus, there are the hundreds or even thousands of dollars it can cost to have remedied.

If you have mold in your home, you have to get rid of it fast, as the longer you wait, the worse the problem is going to get. Therefore, to give you an idea of what to expect, here is how professionals inspect for mold and go about removing it.

The Inspection

After you call mold professionals, the first thing they’ll do is have a preliminary inspection performed. This inspection is often done by a third party instead of by the company itself. An inspection is especially important if the mold is spread out across the house, affecting various areas all at once.

Most mold inspections usually involve sampling the air to test for spores to see what dangers it can cause and how much of it is present. Some inspectors include the air sampling lab costs in their base price, but others don’t, and it can cost between 30 and 150 dollars, so make sure to ask them about the price or air sampling before anything is done.

The Remedy

After the mold has been inspected and analyzed, the mold company will begin the process of cleaning and removing the mold.

How long this will take is primarily determined by the severity of the situation. If the mold goes no deeper than the carpets and wall surfaces, it should only take a couple of days for them to remove the flooring and wash the walls and hardwood below the carpet. However, if the mold is deeply rooted in your house, it could take weeks to undo the damage, as they’ll need to remove the drywall to replace support beams.

Either way, it can be expected that the mold experts will remove mold-infested materials, wash and disinfect objects with mold on their surfaces, and vacuum with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration as required.

Mold is a serious issue, and too many people decide to let it fester rather than take action to address it. True, mold may not seem like that big of a problem, and having it cleared out of your house may be a massive undertaking, however, mold can cause major problems, and it will only grow in seriousness as time goes on, so have it taken care of as soon as possible.

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