How to Deal With Apartment Pests

Apartment complexes, no matter the size, are prone to pest infestations. With a variety of units to choose from, pests see these complexes as massive sources for food and shelter. The site manager may have a maintenance team to handle this sort of issue. However, those individuals can sometimes be untimely and lack proper experience. Here are some common apartment pests and how to deal with them. 


Any pet owner is prone to dealing with fleas, especially those who live in apartments. Taking pets outside leaves them exposed to fleas. The pests will cling on to the pet, who then tracks them inside. Problems can now arise as the fleas start to disperse and potentially transmit disease.

If you notice fleas on your pet, properly clean and bathe them. Preventative flea medicine is also advised. Thoroughly clean any bedding or furniture your pet uses to rid the area of lingering fleas. 


Whether it’s a house, apartment or business, ants are likely to be present. Big apartment complexes are practically buffets for them, so expect them in the area. They are not dangerous, however, they are annoying. Getting rid of them is easier said than done.

Apartment dwellers who like to keep everything tidy and organized are one step ahead. Ants love dirt and grime, as that will indicate food for them. Simply keeping up with routine cleaning and taking extra precautions in certain areas will discourage ants from entering. 


Cockroaches are creepy. Unfortunately, they are common in apartments too, especially in urban settings. They hang around the kitchen and do not need much to survive, making them a pain to deal with.

There are several kinds of cockroach traps available, most of which produce solid results. Spraying insecticides around the area where they are found will also help prevent future infestations. 


Rodents are quick, and while not as small as other pests, can get just about anywhere. They have the ability to chew through surfaces and create new hiding spots, which can lead to destroyed wiring and furniture around the house. Like cockroaches, many kinds of traps can be purchased to deal with rodents. However, professional assistance is often required. 

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