How to Identify Where Pests Enter Your Home

Pest control services continue to increase. For the past five years, pest exterminations have steadily grown by 4.2% and $16.7 billion in revenue. The reason why these services increase is because tiny insects and rodents can easily enter your home without you even noticing. Stay on top of monitoring your home by following the guide below on how to identify where pests enter.

Damaged Areas

Pests are tiny creatures that can crawl through damaged areas on a house like foundation cracks or small exterior holes. If you don’t fix any holes, cracks, or tears outside your home, mice and insects will take over. The best way to combat these destructive creatures is to fill in or close any cracks or holes you see with caulk or spray foam. You should also check your window screens for tears. If there is a tear, replace the screen or use a rubber sealer to shut it back in place.

Opened Windows or Doors

One of the most frequent ways pests enter your home is through opened windows and doors. Small insects like ants, fruit flies, and cockroaches only need a tiny space to gain access inside. A common opening that rodents and insects enter through is gaps in garage doors. From there, these pests head straight to clutter and waste. Ants, bats, birds, and squirrels come inside through accessible windows usually in attics or near trees. To curb this pest-friendly situation, close all windows and doors if not in use, clean and organize your belongings and trim any tree branches that hit any windows.

Exposed Garbage

All pests love exposed trash. For them, it is a free buffet that is open 24 hours. The more you leave your waste bins uncovered, the more opportunities insects and rodents can eat and breed. The best solution to avoid bringing unwanted guests into your home is to cover all trash cans and to clean any garbage or messes that hit the floor. Cleaning and disinfecting your garbage containers weekly will also help in ridding any pests.

Carried Items

The most surprising way pests enter your home is through items you carry in. Used boxes, containers and bags can easily hide insects and rodents from plain sight. Other common places these party crashes hide in are plants, holiday decorations and firewood. Anytime you decide to bring in an older item, thoroughly inspect every inch of it.

Even though these are helpful tips, working yearly with a pest control service and a home service company will help deter any pests from entering. For more information about pests in the Knoxville or surrounding areas, contact Dayton’s Pest Control Services today.