How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

Few things send a shiver down your spine more than finding a bed bug. They are gross, unwelcomed and just annoying to deal with. One problem with them is that they are not always easy to find. Often, they come into your home via luggage, clothing and other items you may carry into your home. They are both small and quick, making them tough to keep track of. Dealing with pests is one thing, but dealing with those you can’t even see is an entirely different level of frustration. Fortunately, there are ways to know if you have bed bugs running around your space and wreaking havoc.

Fecal Matter

Staining from excrement is typically a good indicator that you have a bed bug problem. After the bugs are done feeding on blood, they excrete it onto whatever surface they are on. This is usually a mattress or pillow cover, so if you think you are dealing with bed bugs, check there first. It’s a little gross, but at least you will know what the problem is.


A similar indication comes in the form of bloodstains. If you roll around a lot in your sleep, you may end up crushing a bed bug while it is trying to feed. This leaves a bloodstain behind on your sheets or pillow and is a sure sign that you have pests on your hands. The difference in coloring between the fecal matter and the blood should be noticeable. The feces will be more of a dark and rusty color while the blood will be closer to a true red.


With each feeding, bed bugs grow as they consume more blood. As a result, they need to shed their outer skin and develop a new one that fits with their body. This leaves the old shell behind as evidence of their presence. This is known as molting, a process that the bugs go through a total of five times in their lifetime.


Of course, bite marks will be an indication of a potential infestation as well. However, many bug bites are not those from a bed bug. Per WebMD, bed bug bites tend to be both red and itchy. Additionally, they are usually in a straight row. If your bite has those matching symptoms, you may be dealing with bed bugs.

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