Insects That you Want to Keep Around

While it may seem hard to think of any insect that you’d want hanging out around your home, there are several that can be very beneficial to your yard, garden, and greenhouse. Pollinators and garden pest defenders can help keep your yard healthy and free of unwanted insects. If you have a pest issue on your hands and want to try a natural remedy, here are some insects that you might want to keep around your home and garden.

Honey Bees

Pollinators like honey bees are essential for a healthy garden. Many plants depend on cross-pollination from bees and other pollinators in order to germinate and grow. This is especially true for fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, blueberries and sweet potatoes. Honey bees also depend on pollen and nectar from flowers as a main food source. Without plant nectar, bees can’t make their honey. Bumble bees and butterflies are also great pollinators and will add another element of beauty to your garden.


Ladybugs are not only a good luck charm, they can also be used as a natural pesticide without harming your plants. They feed on common pests like aphids and mites that can be very destructive to your garden. Ladybugs use pollen as a main food source and are also attracted to plants like fennel, dill, cilantro and yarrow so consider planting some of these to attract them.


If you have a mosquito infestation in your yard, dragonflies can be a huge help. They feed on mosquitoes by hanging out in ponds or near water plants like lotus flowers and cattails. If your garden has a pond or is near water, dragonflies should be nearby already!

Ground Beetles

Ground beetles are great to have around because they eat a wide variety of common garden pests that can live on your plants or in your soil. They typically feed on maggots, mites, slugs and snails. Beetles are attracted to perennial flowers such as lavender, hydrangeas and peonies. Luckily, these flowers come back year after year, so they’re easy to maintain.

While certain insects are great for helping to maintain a healthy garden, unwanted pests can still be an issue. If you’re experiencing an infestation inside or outside your home and want to hire professional help, contact us at Dayton Pest Control today! Our professionals can help you determine the best and safest course of action in dealing with unwanted insects.