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It’s Fall. Get Ready For Those Bugs To Crawl

The first day of Fall has come and gone. If you’re like me, you’ve welcomed those cooler temps with open arms. Those of us that have experienced extreme heat waves and drought over the summer months know what I’m talking about. One thing we don’t want to welcome are those unwanted pests that make their way into our homes to find shelter from the fall and winter seasons. Like humans, pests find comfort within our homes. Here are a few tips for handling outdoor pest control in the fall.

Best Practices For Pest Control

Pest control is a maintenance-based subscription everyone should sign up for. It’s important to be proactive and consistent, as it will help minimize the devastating effects caused by these unwelcomed “friends.” Ants, mice, and spiders are only a few of the many pests that Tennessee residents experience. There are many over-the-counter sprays and solutions that you can use to treat your home, but this only resolves the problem short term. If you truly want to keep those fall weather friends out of your home, it’s important to contact a professional. They will provide an estimate for services, frequency recommendation, and treatment solutions that are much more effective.

Finding The Right Professional

The task of finding the “right” pest professional can be incredibly daunting. Here are a few tips to help make your selection process a bit easier. Use our friend Google. Look at the ratings and reviews. Get on Facebook or Nextdoor and ask those local to your community for recommendations. Make sure to check prices, what services are included within those prices, and for how long. Another tip, ask if the work is guaranteed.

As busy as we all are, it’s important to add seasonal pest control to your list of priorities, if you haven’t already. Think of these services as one of your homes’ wellness checks. Just like our bodies, our homes require routine maintenance to ensure and prevent potential hazards to your current and future health. Prevention is incredibly important, but sometimes not easily controlled. Know your community, assess your surroundings, and contact us today. Many of Tennessee’s pests are poisonous, so it’s even more important to protect you, and your loved ones, including any indoor or outdoor animals. Afterall, they are like family.

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