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Keeping Your Tree Pest-Free

I know what you are thinking. The answer seems beyond obvious, right? Why not just get an artificial tree? Who wants to deal with the hassle of going out to find the perfect real Christmas tree, lug it home and through the house, try to get it set-up without being poked a thousand times by the pine needles. To then discover that your perfectly placed holiday tree, just became an even more perfect carrier and birthplace for bugs, spiders, and more.

Sure, this may be a bit extreme, but isn’t uncommon when purchasing a plant, much less the kind that has been living outdoors for the greater portion of its life. Here are a few tips to prevent those uninvited pests from getting in your Christmas tree this year.

Check It Before You Buy It

Beyond the aesthetics of your tree, there are a few things you will need to check before you take your tree home. First, check the tree closely for any visible white or red colored bugs or insects on the branches or truck of the tree. You’ll also want to inspect underneath the branches for egg cases, brown colored cocoons and make sure there aren’t any small holes with sawdust like trails on the trunk of the tree. If you find any, or all, of the above, don’t panic. These can be removed and treated before you get your tree home. However, if the infestation is too great, you’re better off finding another tree.

Purging Pop-Up Pests

You’ve taken the time to inspect your tree before bringing it home. You took extra precaution by having the tree treated, just in case you may have overlooked anything in the heat of the moment. You’ve gotten the tree home, decorated, and a week later you notice a few small red dots looking spots on one of your beautifully wrapped gifts. As you get a closer look, you see what appears to be a little critter army of red dots making themselves right at home under your tree. Who wouldn’t be frustrated, right? It happens, so don’t get too upset. Find comfort knowing these uninvited guests are not harmful and can’t live long inside. The best thing to do is to vacuum them up as you see them and move on. Whatever you do, do not spray aerosol pesticides on your tree to kill them, as this is a huge fire hazard that will cause harm to more than just your unwanted guests.

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