Pest-Proof Your Home This Halloween

This fall, summer bugs will no longer be an issue – but autumn pests will still be in the way. Different kinds of pests come out to play during cold seasons, and we all have to be prepared to minimize pest issues during the fall and winter. Here are some ways you can pest-proof your home in time for Halloween. 

Inspect Your Garage

Pests love to hide out in garages because they are dark, cool places that are typically on the quiet side. Pests can hide in garages for a long time without being bothered by humans. So, before the weather gets too chilly, you should inspect your garage to ensure there are no pests inside. Also, before bringing anything into your home from your garage, make sure pests aren’t hiding inside. This is especially important for items like boxes and firewood because you just never know when pests are going to be lurking. 

Install Weather Stripping

Lining windows and doors with weatherstripping is always a good idea. This will prevent pests from coming into your home to escape the cold. The installation will not take a long time at all, and in turn, you will be protecting your home from annoying pests all season long. You should do this in September or early October before the weather gets very cold. This is great preparation for the winter. 

Holiday Decorations

Before putting out Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas decorations, inspect items and boxes to ensure that pests aren’t lurking inside. Most of us keep holiday decorations in attics and basements, which are ideal spaces for pests to hide in. Both bugs and rodents tend to hide in dark places, and after a whole year of leaving your decorations alone, chances are they are now home to a few pests. When taking out these decorations, dust them off and make sure no small bugs are hiding inside of them. 

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