Pests that Could Live Inside Your House Plants

Part of creating a garden, whether it be indoor or outdoor, is to understand what kind of pests could irk and hinder the growth of your plants. By bringing plants indoors, you should be particularly vigilant as pests can be attracted by those plants and set up camp in your own living space. In order to have the healthiest indoor garden, treat it as if you’re raising a full outdoor garden. Read on to be better acquainted with the three most common pests that could be living inside your house plants.


Mealybugs are cottony insect looking critters that like to congregate along the stem joints of your house plants. You can tell if your plant has been affected if they look dry and lifeless even though you’ve been watering them correctly. The best way to get rid of mealybugs is to kill them by applying rubbing alcohol directly onto the bugs with a cotton swab and then cutting off the affected branches and stems.

Spider mites

These pests are a relative of spiders, yet, they’re not big and menacing. Rather, they are barely seen by the naked eye. You can tell if you have an infestation by looking for their webs. They’re fine and silky looking, and you can see the spider mites themselves when you look into the web.

They look like small brown dots that crawl all over your house plant. You can easily get rid of them by spraying your plant with water and making sure the webs are properly wiped off with a cloth. After doing so, you can wipe your plant with a horticultural oil so that any remaining mites will be killed off and new pets won’t be attracted to the plant anymore.


Aphids are perhaps the most common houseplant pest. They’re tiny little tear-drop shaped insects that can be clustered together on new plant growth and on the underside of leaves. They suck the sap out of leaves, and because of their parasitic nature, they stunt plant growth and cause plant deformity. Wipe any leaves down with water and an insecticidal soap in order to completely kill off the colony of parasites.

If you happen to bring plants from the outside into your home and accidentally invite unwanted guests, we are here to help you. Reach out our experts at Dayton’s Pest Control and we can advise you on the best methods to take care of the situation. If you have pest troubles in the Knoxville area we are here to serve you.