Pet Pests: Insects That Can Harm Your Pet

Pet owners often like to give their furry friends as much independence as possible. They let them frolic outdoors to their heart’s content. But, as with any member of the family, protection from common pests is essential for keeping your pet disease-free and the household safe. 

Staying knowledgeable about what insects can be harmful to your pets is critical for prevention and treatment. Here, we’ll discuss some of the more common types of pests that your dog or cat may encounter in their outdoor adventures.


One of the most prevalent threats to dogs and cats is ticks. They are extremely common throughout the U.S. and can cause serious health complications for your pet.

These small, flat-bodied pests can carry and transmit a number of crippling diseases, including Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis.

Ticks are especially dangerous for pets, because they are both hard to detect and difficult to remove. It can be easy for ticks to go untreated, and this can lead to your pet suffering from dangerous and potentially deadly paralysis. Reduce the risk of infection by staying current with tick preventative treatments. Check your pets for ticks when they come inside and wash your pets regularly.

Fleas and Mosquitoes

These parasitic pests, like ticks, are both widespread and hazardous to your pet’s health. Fleas and mosquitoes are particularly dangerous to pets because they both transmit heartworm.

It’s a fast-growing parasite that can attack the heart and lungs. This attack will cause serious health issues that can lead to death in only a few short months if left untreated.

Pets are naturally more protected from mosquitoes because of their thick fur. However, the exposed skin around their head leaves them vulnerable to bites.

Effective prevention from mosquitoes starts with removing their breeding grounds. Find and remove areas of standing water and spots where water can collect to reduce their ability to nurture their eggs.

Preventative measures for fleas should be discussed with your veterinarian. As with ticks, there are chewable flea-killing tablets, and flea collars are a simple tool for keeping cats and dogs safe.

Fortunately, heartworm can also be avoided through regular treatments available from your vet, so exposure to fleas and mosquitoes can be less of a concern.

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We have a lot of other pests in Tennessee that can harm your pets, including spiders, scorpions and stinging insects. It’s important to regularly monitor your property to keep your family safe.

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