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Prevent Pests with Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! With the warmer weather and the budding plants and trees, it is time to get outside. It’s also a great time to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. Freshening up after a long cold winter often leads to cleaning out the house from top to bottom. Of course, with the warmer weather brings insects, rodents and other pests out of their hibernation. It also means that you will most likely find these critters in your home. Read on for some tips on spring cleaning as a way to prevent pests from entering your home this spring season.

Clear Out the Clutter

If your home is full of clutter, take the time during your spring cleaning routine to clear out all clutter inside and outside of your home. Cluttered areas are popular spaces for pests to crawl into and create nests. So, the less clutter that you have, the less likely you will have pest infestations.

Clean Out Your Pantries and Cabinets

It’s always a good idea to clean out your pantry and cabinets every so often and go through expired food or cleaning products, as well as get rid of any kitchen utensils, dishes, containers and other items that you may no longer use. Be sure to get into all of the crevices of your pantry and any cabinet space. In your pantry, wipe down the walls and shelves to make sure that there is no debris. Vacuum and mop the floor as well. Wipe down the inside and outside of your cabinets and make sure it is free of crumbs which will attract pests.

Keep Surfaces in Your Kitchen Clean

As most pests are looking for food, giving your kitchen a thorough scrubbing is helpful in keeping pests away. Wipe down all of the surfaces- including your walls, backsplashes, light fixtures, light switches, countertops, sinks, tables, chairs and appliances. This way, you will be sure to catch any spills, sticky spots or dirt in your kitchen. When your kitchen looks and smells clean, you are much less likely to attract pests!

As you are cleaning your home, take the time to check in the cracks and crevices of doors, windows, and any plumbing and vents to be sure that there are no accessible holes. If you find any holes or areas that need to be resealed, do so as soon as possible as those areas will be easy ways for pests to enter your home. A thorough cleaning will also detract pests but be sure to keep a tidy house all year round. If you discover that you already have a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Dayton's Pest Control!

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