Steps You Can Take Every Day to Prevent Rodents in Your Home

For some reason, rodents refuse to accept the fact that people don’t want them in their homes and continue to enter where they aren’t welcome. If you already have rodents in your home, get rid of them with us. If you don’t have rodents in your home, here are a few steps you can take every day to prevent them.

Keep a Clean House

Cleaning your house is always the first step to preventing rodents. In a clean house, there will be nothing for rodents to enjoy. Clean your kitchen, wipe up spills, mop the floors and check your pantry for crumbs and leaks. Then, remove clutter to prevent rodents from having a hiding space. Do not allow the rodents to have food and shelter in your home. 

Seal Up Pathways to and From Your House

Remove all rodent-friendly entrances to your house. Make sure there are no rodents in your house before you do the sealing because if you remove their way out, they will hide and burrow further into your home. Find gaps in doorways, holes in drywall and open windows. Also, check for crawlspaces and holes in ceilings. Rodents will do the impossible to find a good place to live. Use caulk, plaster or any sealants to patch these holes.

Maintain Your Yard 

Once your home has been cleaned and the rodents have been removed, it is time to prevent them from coming back into your home. Proper yard maintenance prevents rodents from getting close to your home so they will not be able to get into it. Cut the grass, check your fencing and search for ant beds and snakeskin in your yard. Identifying which rodents are in your yard helps you better prepare your home for keeping them out. Indicators of one rodent can be a sign that you have a bigger infestation. Snakeskins in your yard mean that you have snakes nearby, but the snakes could be the reason that rats are running into your home. 

Contact Dayton’s Pest Control 

The final step is to contact us to be sure that your home is secure. If you are in our service area, Dayton’s Pest Control can let you know which other pests may be hiding near you. We also provide other services like checking for radon and installing radon mitigation systems