The Fastest Ways Get Rid of Fruit Flies

A single female fruit fly is well-known for its egg-laying skills. It can lay approximately 500 eggs at one time. The female fruit fly typically chooses to lay her eggs on the exterior or interior of sweet-smelling and rotted produce, especially fruit, trash cans, drains and unclean glass, bottles or jugs that contained fermented liquids like apple cider vinegar, beer and wine.

These eggs hatch within 24 hours. It only takes up to two weeks for the larvae to become adults, and then the cycle repeats with more females laying more eggs. As adults, fruit flies often live for weeks. It’s during this time, that they incessantly fly around and cause no end of irritation.

At Dayton’s Pest Control Services, Inc., we know that it is possible to get rid of fruit flies. Home and business owners need to try a variety of methods until they find the ones that work best for their unique infestations:

Handle Produce Appropriately

Rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly with a 2:1 solution of water and vinegar, cut and prep them for future use and then store the pieces in airtight containers in the fridge or freezer. Never leave produce on counters or in hanging baskets.

Since fruit flies can survive inside of refrigerators, fruit flies control requires that you check stored produce regularly and throw out overripe pieces or use it to make jams, jellies and sauces. Additionally, throw out produce in a way that prevents fruit flies from using the trash as a breeding ground. For example, place cuttings and skins from produce in sealed bags and dispose of trash frequently in outdoor bins.

Clean Every Surface

Since fruit flies love to lay their eggs near food that their larvae can feed on, always make certain that there’s absolutely no food available. Clean dishes and wipe counters after every meal to prevent sweet crumbs and droplets or spills from attracting the flies.

Also, since biofilm inside of drains can serve as a food source, fruit flies control also requires that you clear all drains inside of the structure with a strong mix of white vinegar and baking soda followed by hot water or an over-the-counter drain chemical cleaner.

Use Attractive Traps

Given that sweet and rotting smells are attractive to fruit flies, create and use traps that contain these attractive scents. For example, mix apple cider vinegar with dish soap inside of a short jar, cover the top with plastic wrap and then puncture a few holes in the plastic so fruit flies enter the trap and drown when they attempt to land on the surface.

Several over-the-counter fruit flies treatment products offer a similar type of trap except the sweet solutions usually contain a pesticide or other chemical substance that kills fruit flies.

Contact an Expert

Dayton’s Pest Control has a team of experts on hand who have been helping residents and business owners in Knoxville to get rid of fruit flies and other pests for 35 years. For an out-of-control infestation, our team has a wide variety of fruit flies treatment tools available to help, including pesticides and structural services.

For example, crawl space encapsulation tools that prevent crawl spaces from accumulating moisture and mold, such as vapor barriers, sump pumps, dehumidifiers and thermal insulation, can also block kitchen fruit flies from entering and breeding in crawl spaces. All fruit-fly-related inspections and estimates are free. Head over to our Contact Us page today and reach out via phone, social media or web form for advice or to schedule an appointment.