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Three Pest Control Tips For Warmer Weather

Some people say that the only good bug is a dead bug. Many people avoid being outdoors in the warm weather just because of the insects. Don’t let your summer be ruined by these tiny invaders. These three pest-prevention tips might surprise you.

Spring Cleaning is Worth the Work

One way to keep bugs from creeping into your home is to break out the cleaning supplies. When the warm weather brings bugs out of winter hibernation, they need three things for survival: food, water, and shelter. Consider what you can do to eliminate their access to food sources on your property. Give your pantry a complete cleaning. Wipe down your shelves, and store baking supplies in sealed plastic containers. Clean your oven, stove, and those sneaky spots like under the front edge of your fridge. Keeping a tidy house will not only feel good, but it will also make it unattractive to creepy visitors.

Use a Fresh-Eyes Look

Take a walk around your property and pretend you have never been there before. Imagine you are thinking of buying the property. This is called a “fresh-eyes look.” Taking this perspective will help you identify things you have ignored over time. Look for debris against your foundation and make sure bushes and tree branches are not touching the walls or roof.

Look for standing water in planters and garden beds and low spots in the yard. Clean all the leaves out of your gutters and make sure they flow freely. Check for crumbling brick or stone. Examine all your window screens to make sure they fit snugly and don’t have tears. Inspect your yard for ant hills or any other signs of insects. Take a notebook and pen with you to jot down notes as you go. This will act as your to-do list over the next few weeks.

Landscape with Pest Repellents

As you are choosing the plants for your flower beds, make sure you include some bug-deterring varieties. Petunias add beautiful color to sunny areas and ward off beetles, aphids and squash bugs. Grow basil, rosemary, and mint in pots on your patio to keep mosquitoes away. Lemongrass and lavender will make your yard smell delicious while sending bugs looking for another home.

With some thought, work and planning, you can take your yard and home back from the critters. If the task seems overwhelming, or you would prefer to have someone else handle the bugs for you, give us a call at Dayton's Pest Control. Our friendly technicians will be glad to help you enjoy the warm weather without the bugs.

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