What You Need to Know About Winter Pests

If the political ads the past few weeks did not wear you down, the colder months ahead just might do it. Cooler temperatures are not the end of it, however. Winter pests are now a concern too. Many pests, similarly to humans, are not fans of the cold and snow and would rather find shelter indoors. Unfortunately for homeowners, that means some unwanted guests. Here is what you need to know about these cold-weather pests.

What Pests to Expect

There are a few types of pests that are more common in the colder months than others. Three, in particular, rats/mice, spiders and cockroaches will likely be the troublemakers you deal with. Knoxville in particular has an issue with boxelder bugs that look very similar to beetles. A common denominator among these pests is that they are small and can fit just about anywhere around the house. This makes pest removal a difficult task, especially if there is a lot of clutter around the home. 

Where Will They Be?

The first place to check for pest is any dark, moist area in the home. Pests view these kinds of spaces as a safe-haven and will look to set up shelter until spring rolls around. Storage areas in the basement and attic are typical areas that fit their needs, so check those spots thoroughly. Kitchens are another area pests will flock toward as they are usually guilty of containing food crumbs and residue. Keeping the kitchen clean consistently is a great way to limit the pests you will encounter this winter. 

What to Do?

Fortunately, there are steps any homeowner can take to prevent an infestation. Checking the perimeter of the home for any openings is a great place to start. Use wood filler or some type of patching materials to seal those openings. This limits the number of entryways into your home for pests. Keep the inside clean and organized as well. Pests love to find shelter amongst the clutter, so do not give them a ton of it to work with!

Contact the Pros

Sometimes, a pest situation is overwhelming. That is when you need to rely on professionals you can trust. Dayton’s Pest Control has been family-owned and operated and serving the Knoxville area since 1985. They know the importance of feeling comfortable at home and want to ensure you receive the proper pest control. Contact Dayton’s Pest Control today to get started with finding your solution.