When to Call for Radon Testing

The EPA recommends that when you are buying or selling a new home to have it tested for radon. Radon testing is easy, and it can be a big step in protecting the health of you and your loved ones. Scientists suggest that radon can account for preventable lung cancer in thousands of patients every year.

When To Test For Radon

When you are purchasing a new home, find out if the construction features radon-resistant building materials. Learn the last time the home has been tested, or if it’s been tested at all. If your neighbors have mentioned they have high radon levels, you should definitely get yours checked by a professional.

Radon testing is quick. You should have the levels tested more than one time, because the results may fluctuate.

Radon In Homes

Radon is a radioactive gas. Both colorless and odorless, professional testing may be the only reliable way to detect it. It exists in the soil and can seep into homes.

What Are Dangerous Radon Levels

When radon levels measure 4 picocuries per liter or higher, it needs to be fixed.

Even if levels are less than 4 pCi/L, they can still be potentially hazardous. You should look into any methods of lowering them.

When you get your radon level results, you can do a few things to lower the levels. One is by caulking foundation cracks and any other opening where material in the soil may leak through the porous concrete.

Covering the sump pump with polyurethane plastic sheeting may also help with radon levels.

Finally, you can try to seal the concrete. The EPA says this is a temporary solution.

What Are Factors For High Radon Levels

All types of homes may have potentially high radon levels. Old and new homes may have radon present, as well as homes with or without insulation. Both homes with basements and without basements can also have radon. Different factors can account for radon levels. One may be local geology. Another probable source for high radon levels are the construction materials. Finally, the way the house was built may affect radon levels.

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