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Winter Pest Prevention

As the winter months approach, people begin to spend more of their time indoors. Unfortunately, the same can be said for pests. Pests, like humans, seek warmer shelter during the winter to stay away from the cold. Whether it is your home or business, these critters can be annoying to see. They can also be even more annoying to get rid of once inside your home.  With that in mind, let’s look at some ways you can keep pests out of your living and working environments.

Clear Out Debris

Throughout the fall, many homeowners keep firewood around the house for bonfires and social events. In addition, leaves from the trees that have fallen can accumulate around the base of your house or work-place. Simply put, all the debris from the fall can cluster up and serve as a luring point for bugs and pests. Those that have created habitats in the debris will have quicker and easier access to the indoors once the opportunity comes. To help prevent infestation, thoroughly inspect and clean the perimeter of your home or business to limit areas of concern.

Seal It Up

Of course, pests are small and can find a way through almost any crack or crevice in a building. As the temperatures begin to drop, pre-existing openings will expand and make invasion even easier for the pests. If you know of areas where there are cracks, patch them up with caulk or any sort of sealant. Windows, crawl spaces, and ventilation areas are a great spot to start looking for openings.

Home and Business Insulation

Insulation is a great way to lower your heating bill, and keep pests away! Insulation essentially creates an additional barrier between the pests and inside. Plus, insulation containing boric acid is available. The acid is perfectly fine for human exposure, however, it is lethal for pests and critters.

Leaky Pipes and Clogged Drains

Not only are pests attracted to warm areas in the winter, but places of high moisture levels as well. Sinks that are leaking or clogged up create an invitation for pests to come explore and potentially create a home near. Keeping up with proper drainage and inspecting your home or business pipes is a good way to stay in front of a pest infestation.

Let Us Help You?

Still can’t seem to find a solution to your winter pest problems? No worries! Dayton’s Pest Control is a family-owned business with a team of professionals that care about your winter pest control needs. Contact Dayton's Pest Control today for more information!

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