You Could Be Attracting Bed Bugs, Even if You Don’t Know It

You may not believe it, but there are ways that you could be attracting bed bugs into your home without realizing it. Bed bugs can cause health and economic issues that are troublesome in any household. 

The usual identifiers of bed bugs are the bite marks they leave on your skin, which are red spots with a darker center that can be itchy. They’re typically arranged in a line or group located on the face, neck and hands. 

As their name suggests, these tiny pests can be located in mattresses, box springs, headboards and bed frames. But also: 

  • The clutter around beds.
  • Under peeling paint or loose wallpaper. 
  • Inside of upholstered furniture seams.
  • Beneath light switch plates and electrical outlets. 

With so many places they like to inhabit, you need to keep an eye out and ensure that you don’t allow them to settle in. 


Bed bugs are masters at hitchhiking. They can latch onto you or your clothing and take a trip all the way to your bed. 

People pick up bed bugs at locations with a lot of traffic. Locations include airports, bus and train stations, movie theaters, hotels and retail clothing stores.

Dark Bed Sheets.

This is a fascinating one. Bed bugs are attracted to dark environments. It’s where they thrive. Recently, a study found that bed bugs are also drawn to specific colors like red and black. 

It’s a little hard to believe, but these colors draw in bed bugs because they remind them of their two favorite things, darkness and blood. So keep that in mind when shopping for sheets. 

Dirty Laundry.

Bed bugs often find comfort in your dirty laundry, especially that pile of laundry that you keep in the corner of your room. 

They can use that pile as a jumping-off point to spread across your whole room. If you make a habit of cleaning that laundry as soon as possible, then it can decrease the odds of bed bugs moving in. 

Keep those in mind and do regular checks!

Moving forward, you need to be conscious about what you do to prevent attracting bed bugs. Change your sheets to a light color, be aware of where you sit when you go out and don’t pile those clothes up. 

If you need help with a bed bug infestation, then get professional help as soon as you can! There’s no time to waste because the last thing you want is them spreading throughout your home.