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2e1ax default entry Bed Bug 3Like many communities in Tennessee, Briceville's founding was tied to coal mining. Originally known as Slatestone Hollow, early miners used wagons to haul coal to Knoxville until the railroad connected Knoxville and Coal Creek. In 1888, Calvin Brice, who was then the president of the Lake Erie and Western Railroad and would later serve a single term in the U.S. Senate, requested the construction of a spur connecting Slatestone Hollow with Coal Creek. Upon completion of the spur, the community was renamed in Brice's honor. Although the population of Briceville has risen and fallen since the community's founding, residents have never been short of pests. Two common pests found in the area are bed bugs and fleas.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were once thought eradicated in the United States, but in recent years, they have become increasingly common. They are tiny insects that seldom reach more than a quarter of an inch in length. Their bodies are reddish-brown and roughly oval in shape.

Bed bugs feed by sucking blood from a host. Although they may feed on a pet, they are best known for feeding on humans. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide that humans exhale as well as the warmth that they radiate. Because bed bugs are primarily nocturnal and feeding normally occurs while people are sleeping, bed bugs are often found in or near beds. Mattresses, bed frames, bedding and bed rails are common locations for bed bugs to hide. However, since their flattened bodies can fit into even the smallest of spaces, they may hide behind the plates on light switches, inside electronics or behind items hanging on the wall. Between the bed bug's nocturnal habits, small size and preference for remaining concealed when not feeding, detection can often be difficult without training and experience.

A bed bug infestation is not usually the result of unsanitary conditions or unclean environments. They have infested more than one exclusive hotel and have been found in taxis, department stores, and passenger trains. Bed bugs can arrive in your home in your suitcase, on your clothing or inside a purse.

Bed bugs are quite hardy and able to survive under a wide range of conditions. Because detection and eradication can be difficult, you should contact a reputable pest control company if you suspect that you have a problem with bed bugs.


Fleas are external parasites that survive on the blood that they suck from their hosts. They are agile, wingless insects that usually measure less than 3 mm in length. Although many people associate fleas with dogs and cats, they are quite willing to feed on humans.

Fleas can be difficult to eradicate once they have become established in your home. They go through four stages during their life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Eradication requires eliminating fleas in all stages. For example, even if you kill every adult, the eggs laid in your carpet or your pet's bedding will soon hatch and reach adulthood, replenishing the population and beginning the cycle anew.

How to Get Help

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