Save Money By Keeping Heat In And Cold Out Of Your Crawl Space!

Fiberglass insulation in a crawl space tends to soak up moisture and humidity, goring mold and eventually causing it to “drip” off the ceiling.

Crawl spaces narrow structures installed directly into the dirt under your home.

As such, they tend to soak up the natural cold of the earth around your home and transfer it into the air in your crawl space.

If you have utilities in your crawl space such as your water heater, furnace, or hot water pipes, your energy bills will suffer.

This cold will bombard your utilities, forcing them to work harder just to maintain status quo.

At Dayton’s Pest Control, we can upgrade your crawl space’s energy efficiency with products that are durable, long-lasting, and made especially for a the crawl space environment.

Crawl Space Insulation

TerraBlock is a unique, durable crawl space insulation and liner in one. It’s the first insulation product created specifically for rough, uneven crawl space floors, which can be as cold as 55°F.

Made for floors and walls alike, this provides a puncture-resistant, padded solution for your crawl space.

If you’ve already decided to repair your crawl space and install a liner, this is the product for you.

TerraBlock provides energy-savings and moisture protection at the same time!

TerraBlock Specifications

  • Padded, Insulated Design — TerraBlock is made of ¾” of foam insulation. It’s padded, puncture-resistant, and durable enough for access by servicemen and homeowners.
  • Installs On Walls & Floors — TerraBlock is appropriate for crawlspace walls and floors. However, intricate details will need to be wrapped with our Envirospace Vapor Barrier.
  • Compatible With Our Envirospace System — TerraBlock can be used as a standalone product, or it can be combined with our drainage matting, radiant heat barrier, or other products.

SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation panels look different because they ARE different. Tiny graphite particles permeate its foam insulation to give it that silver/gray shine.

These tiny particles reflect heat and lower the material’s conductivity for superior R-value per inch.

In addition to resisting heat conduction, SilverGlo™ boasts a radiant barrier, which reflects heat back into your crawl space for ultimate energy savings. SilverGlo™ crawl space insulation can also be installed on the perimeter of your floor framing system (rim joist) for maximum energy savings.

For the best in energy efficiency, combine SilverGlo™ and TerraBlock™ together. This keeps the cold out of your crawl space — and the heat in!

SilverGlo™ Specifications

  • Thick Material — 2″-thick insulation with radiant barrier to both insulate and reflect heat back into the crawl space.
  • Extra Insulation— SilverGlo™ has an R-11 value insulation to keep more heat in the crawl space and home.