Cooler weather can be a relief after a long, hot summer, but dropping temperatures mean that homeowners are often left facing pest control problems. Pests move indoors to seek shelter as the weather gets cooler. Professional pest control services can help homeowners control the worst fall pests to protect their homes and families.

Common Fall Pests

Insects start to seek shelter inside homes when fall weather arrives. Ladybugs may wander inside and stain clothing and fabrics when secreting yellow blood. This blood is secreted when the pests are under duress. These stains can be impossible to get out, and large populations of ladybugs may cause significant staining to light-colored fabrics. Kudzu bugs are annoying pests that are generally not harmful, but these insects can emit an offensive odor when crushed.

Stink bugs are another type of pest that emit foul odors when crushed. These bugs are especially prevalent during cool weather. The insects can detect warmth from a building and will seek out a new place to live when the temperature outdoors is not favorable. Stink bugs may even nest in a home throughout the winter. Box elder bugs live on the walls of a home and may find their way indoors through cracks or crevices. Cracks that allow access to the indoors should be repaired to prevent infestations of these insects. Box elder bugs can stain clothing and other fabric when they are crushed.

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