Harriman, TN Pest Control

The warm and humid climate in Tennessee makes it a welcome destination for you or your business, but it also offers a nearly perfect environment for bed bugs, termites and ants. We eliminate them with advanced technological methods to give you the peaceful enjoyment of your property that you deserve.

Bed Bugs

The minuscule body of a bed bug belies its effect on your comfort. At less than a tenth of an inch, an immature bug is about the size of a computer keyboard letter, and the adult may grow twice as large. Both are so small that you may brush them off your sheets without noticing them, and they can make sleep almost impossible. Three or four bite marks in a row or dark spots on your linens may mean that you have a bed bug infestation.

We eradicate them by treating your bedroom carpets, bed frame and night stands with a liquid insecticide that contains an insect growth regulator. You may need to replace your mattress, but we can treat it as well. We place an insecticide dust inside your light sockets and outlet cover plates to exterminate them wherever they hide.


Known as one of Tennessee’s most destructive pests, termites can destroy the wood structures in your home without attracting your attention. They live in dark and damp recesses such as your attic, and they eat the cellulose in wood until there is nothing left. Reducing a once stable truss to a shell that you can crush in your hand, termites can threaten the value of your home.

We use the Termidor® Termite Defense System, the best termiticide on the market. It destroys termite infestations more efficiently than any other liquid or bait. Our technicians also train to use the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, a product that scientific journals rate as effective. We place outdoor bait stations where you can hardly see them, and we can monitor them to ensure constant protection from termites.


The versatility of ants looking for food requires a dedicated effort to defeat them, and our trained technicians know where to find them and how to eradicate them. Carpenter ants can damage wood, fire ants can bite and the little black ones that look for sugar are annoying but not harmful.

More than 130 species of ants live in Tennessee, and they search for food and water in kitchens or storerooms. Leaving a scent trail creates a path for colony members to follow. Our technicians can locate and eradicate their nests in your walls, stumps and lawns or under your home’s foundation.

Taking Action

Serving cities throughout the state for more than 30 years, we provide professional and efficient pest control that assures you of a pest free home or business. Our expert treatment of your property can eradicate any pests and make your premises safe and comfortable. Call Dayton’s Pest Control to get rid of any pests that pose problems for you and your family.