Knoxville, TN Pest Control

Whether in a residential property or in an office building, a pest infestation is never something anyone wants to deal with. For homeowners, it can compromise comfort and bite away at your peace of mind. As a business owner, it can lead to disgruntled employees, disgusted customers and even a loss in profits.

At Dayton's Pest Control, our team of pest control specialists has the training needed to eliminate the infestation and protect you against another in future. When you're in need of professional pest control services in Knoxville, Tennessee, you can count on us to deliver a customer experience that results in 100-percent satisfaction.

Avoid the Armies of Ants

One wandering carpenter ant might look harmless, but an army can result in devastating structural damage that puts a dent in your home's foundation as well as your pockets. To ensure your home hasn't become a new base for an army of ants, you must take preventative action. At Dayton's Pest Control, we specialize in exterminating all species of ants.

Contact Dayton's Pest Control if You Spot These Signs of an Ant Infestation

  • Piles of wood shavings found under wooden items
  • Hear faint rustling noises coming from inside woodwork or walls
  • Large winged ants emerge from walls, ceilings and hidden crevices

Beat the Annoying Bed Bugs

Although they don't transmit diseases to humans, bed bug bites aren't something you want to wake up to - if you're lucky enough to get any sleep - every morning. Considering bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to exterminate, it takes more than a home remedy to eliminate them once and for all. It takes professional pest control.

Contact Dayton's Pest Control if You Spot These Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Presence of blood stains on your pillowcases or sheets
  • Bed bug fecal spots or egg shells found in areas where they're hiding
  • Smell an offensive and musty odor that comes from the bed bug's scent glands

Tackle the Termite Problem

Termites are responsible for billions of dollars in structural damage in the United States every year. Most homeowners who have experienced a termite infestation will spend thousands repairing their property and recovering from it. Every minute counts when trying to save your property from further termite damage and to cut the financial losses.

Contact Dayton's Pest Control if You Spot These Signs of a Termite Infestation

  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it
  • Peeling paint that looks like it has been water damaged
  • Sagging floors, drywall or ceilings

If you're in need of pest control services in Knoxville, Tennessee, contact Dayton's Pest Control today at (865) 588-6686. Our team of pest control specialists is standing by to ensure your property is free from infestation.