Ladybugs are cute in small groups or as a Halloween costume, but would you like to live with an infestation of these insects? Indoor and outdoor ladybug control issues can cause problems for homeowners. Anyone who notices an increase in the ladybug population in their home should contact a pest control company for help.

The Problem With Ladybugs

Ladybug infestations inside a home are not common, but it is still possible for these pests to enter a home. These insects hibernate near homes and may accidentally make their way into a home through cracks and holes instead of staying outdoors. Homes that are not properly insulated and homes that need repairs are more likely to experience pest control issues related to ladybugs.

Ladybugs eat aphids and are generally found in gardens. This feature makes them beneficial for gardeners who are having problems with aphid populations, but ladybugs can become a problem when large numbers of the insect make a home indoors. While there are no health dangers posed by ladybugs, the pests secrete yellow blood when they feel threatened. This yellow substance has been found to stain clothing, fabrics, carpets and other light-colored, porous surfaces.

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