Loudon, TN Services

Loudon, a beautiful community 35 miles southwest of Knoxville, welcomes nature lovers and those who want a more relaxed vibe while also enjoying easy access to the home of the University of Tennessee. However, residents sometimes run into issues that disrupt that relaxation, adds stress and requires professional assistance.

Pest Control

Unfortunately, the picturesque nature of this town also attracts a variety of pests. These include but are not limited to ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and termites.

Some are brought indoors by you or visitors who inadvertently provided them with a free ride after they hopped into a bag, onto clothes or on the body. Others make their way inside through cracks or holes in the structure's foundation or walls. Once there, many of them can give you itchy welts, transmit diseases and help themselves to your food and water. Structural damage is a danger as well, especially when termites are the issue since they can cause quite a bit of harm to wood before being discovered.

Make sure to close any openings to the outside and eliminate as much standing water on your property as possible to lessen your chances of suffering from a pest infestation.

Radon Mitigation

Radon is a gas that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted but that can be quite a health hazard. It, like smoking and taking in secondhand smoke, is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. Meanwhile, those who smoke and spend a considerable amount of time in a building that has a high amount of radon are especially susceptible to lung cancer.

However, professionals can detect and mitigate radon and bring the air quality in your structure back towards healthier levels. They also understand that each house is different and that something that is appropriate for one place may not necessarily work in another and make any necessary changes to ensure that the best solution is put into place everywhere they work.

Crawl Space Repair

A crawl space can end up being the perfect place for pests to enter your home if holes have formed in it. Damage to this part of your house can also harm its insulation and increase your utility bills. Rot and mold may create foul odors that emanate into your living areas. Issues here can also damage the floors immediately above your crawl space, creating trip hazards where none had existed previously.

Fortunately, this area of your home can be improved as well. After we're done, you may be surprised at how significant the impact is of fixing up a part of the home that many rarely visit. In fact, you can even use this space as an extra storage area once it has been improved.

If your Loudon home is having any issues with pest control, radon mitigation or crawl spaces, contact Dayton's Pest Control. We'll provide you with free quotes for each of the services that we offer and be ready to help improve the quality of your home if you take us up on our offers.