Louisville, TN Pest Control

The area of Louisville, Tennessee is well known for its beautiful summer and spring seasons. While summer and spring in Louisville can bring opportunities for many joyful outdoor activities, the delightful climate also makes pests a huge concern for home owners. Termites and ants are both common types of pests found throughout Tennessee, and both can create many stressful issues within the home. If you are experiencing problems with termites, ants, or any other common types of pests, you will want to contact an experienced pest control company immediately.


Termites are possibly one of the most feared insects that can affect home and business owners across the country. Since they reside deep within the internal structures of your home, it may not be apparent that termites exist until they have caused considerable damage. Although they are tiny creatures, termites can easily eat through wood and other materials used to build homes today. As a result, they can cause the structure of your home to weaken and eventually even cave in if not handled promptly. This type of structural damage is costly and time-consuming to repair.

Termites live in large colonies just like ants do. The entire colony must be destroyed in order to prevent a termite problem from reappearing. Once the termites are effectively removed, any damage they have caused can be assessed and corrected. Additional steps can then be taken to prevent a recurrence of this problem.


Ants reside in large colonies made up of thousands of these common insects. Ants traditionally come into the home to search for good sources of food and water. They can be attracted to the same foods we eat as humans, and they are especially fond of sugary foods. For this reason, it's not uncommon to see ants gathering in the kitchen and pantry areas of the home.

Most types of ants are quite small, so they can easily squeeze through the smallest areas. They can infiltrate your food supply, including unopened boxed items or anything that is not sealed in an airtight container. This can create concerns about sanitation in your kitchen and pantry. Once ants find a suitable source of food within your home, they will leave behind scent trails to attract the rest of the colony to that same area. This means that an ant population can grow out of hand quickly. Treating ants and keeping them from returning requires that the entire colony is destroyed. Additionally, any scent trails left behind must be removed. An experienced pest control company will have the knowledge required to effectively handle your ant problem.

At Dayton's Pest Control, we completely understand how upsetting it can be to discover a pest infestation. Your home is your sanctuary from an otherwise chaotic world, and it's important to you to keep it clean and pest free. Discovering the existence of termites or ants can create a great deal of stress that can take away from the joy of the memories you create within the walls of your home. If you're experiencing problems with pests of any kind, please contact Dayton's Pest Control to receive a free quote on the many professional services we provide.