New Market, Tennessee at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains, is but a stone’s throw from the Mossy Creek Wildlife Viewing Area. A bird-lover’s paradise, it’s home to an assortment of insect-loving wild birds like wood ducks, great egrets, and eastern blue birds. Insects in your home, of course, are a whole different story.

If you find you have a pest problem in your New Market home, count on Dayton’s Pest Control to eliminate the problem.

Pest Control

It’s next to impossible to keep every pest out of your home. If you have food, wood, or moisture inside, it’s like laying out a delicious spread and inviting them in. If you’re experiencing a pest problem, don’t worry.

Pests we service: 

Termite Control

Today, wood for home and commercial construction comes from all over the country, and, all too often, wood-consuming termites come along with it. If you happen to see a swarm of termites, you’re ahead of the game and can arrange for services quickly. Unfortunately, termites can get into a home without a visible swarm. Our technicians are trained to identify hidden signs of infestations. We can inspect your home and property and provide you with a free quote for termite control.

Radon Mitigation System

Radon is a naturally-occurring, colorless and odorless gas that, if found in certain concentrations in your home, can cause lung cancer and other illness. Our skilled technicians can test for radon and professionally install a radon mitigation system designed specifically for the structure of your home.

Crawlspace Repair

If you have allergies or asthma and are experiencing increased symptoms or if you are noticing cracks in your drywall or your floors becoming uneven, chances are you may have an issue with your crawlspace.

If so, don’t let it take a toll on your health. When you give us a call, our technicians will investigate your crawlspace, and, if needed, encapsulate it. Our crawlspace services also include:


No one needs to tell you that mold is unhealthy. A fungus, it thrives on moisture and reproduces through airborne spores. Our New Market pest control technicians can mitigate the mold-feeding moisture in your home by sealing off your vents, covering exposed concrete and installing airtight doors on your crawlspace entryways. We can also install dehumidifiers in your crawlspaces and basements.

Contact Dayton’s Pest Control

Nature is a wonderful thing, but best enjoyed outside. If you have a pest problem in your home, Dayton’s pest control is your solution.

If you are located in New Market, Tennessee and are suffering from a pest infestation, contact us today. We’ll solve your problems quickly.