Located about 15 minutes north of Knoxville, Powell is a classic southern suburb in Tennessee. The community is nearby the amenities and entertainment of Knoxville, but residents enjoy the town’s quiet atmosphere.

Powell is a great place to live, but no towns are immune to pest problems. Tennessee’s hot weather brings a number of critters that like to take up residence in people’s homes and yards. Fortunately, Dayton’s Pest Control is here to help. Our team offers a variety of services to get rid of pests and prevent them from returning.

Pest Control

Our Powell pest control team provides safe and effective pest management services for homeowners and business owners. We’ll begin by inspecting your home for signs of pests and assessing any damage the pests have done. Then, we’ll devise a treatment plan to get rid of the infestation for good.

Pests we service:

Termite Control

Termites can cause severe damage to your home, so it’s important to deal with the infestation as soon as you notice it. Termites are less likely to swarm nowadays than they were in the past, so it can be hard for a layperson to evaluate the extent of the damage. Our termite control experts will inspect your home for termite damage and use Sentricon, a termite bait treatment that quickly gets rid of the entire population.

Radon Mitigation System

Dayton’s offers free consultations for radon mitigation and removal. Our technicians are trained to safely remove radon from homes and expel it outside. We create individualized treatment plans based on the size and structure of the home, and we’ll retest your home for radon after our initial treatment to make sure the system is working properly. We provide radon services for single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos, and new homes.

Crawlspace Repair

Crawlspaces are vulnerable to mold, rot, and other issues. Over time, this can cause serious issues for the structure of your home. Dayton’s offers a number of crawlspace repair services:


Mold can affect your home’s air quality and structural integrity. No one should live in an unsafe home, so our team is here to help you manage mildew, dust mites, rot, and other issues. We’ll remove the mold or rotted spots and add seals to keep the humidity out of your home so that you can feel safe, comfortable, and healthy.

Hire Powell Pest Control

Dayton’s Pest Control is proud to service Tennessee. If you’re looking for Powell pest control experts, contact us today for a free service quote.