Is radon gas threatening your home? If so, it’s time to make sure that it doesn’t affect your family any longer. Dayton’s Pest Control of Tennessee can help rid your home of radon by providing radon testing in your home. The radon experts can offer a quote on the cost of a radon mitigation system to solve your radon problems.

Factors That Lead to a Radon Problem:

  • How potent the radon source is
  • How easily the radon enters in
  • The building’s ventilation rate

In as little as two days, the radon specialists at Dayton’s Pest Control can perform an inspection and run a radon test in your home! Getting your home tested for radon has never been so easy!

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We serve Tennessee, including Clinton, Corryton, Eagleton Village and Friendsville.

Radon Facts
  • Naturally produced by uranium decay in soil
  • Found in every state
  • Homes with crawl spaces a high risk for radon issues.
  • As cancer-causing as tobacco smoke & asbestos
  • Causes 15,400-21,800 deaths yearly.
  • Radon level at which a mitigation system is needed: 4 pCi/L
  • Low doses of radon over time is worse than periods of high doses
  • Radon concentrations are up to ten times higher during the winter.

Your Radon Mitigation System Installed

Dayton’s Pest Control’s radon mitigation systems use sub-slab depressurization to reduce radon levels.

How Mitigation Systems Work

  • Soil gasses are collected by a PVC pipe
  • Radon is piped upwards in the building
  • Radon is forced out of your house through a radon depressurization vent

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