Rockwood, TN Pest Control

Stink BugAs summer draws to a close in Rockwood, residents begin tidying their yards and homes for the coming fall and winter months. Cooler temperatures will move into the area, causing people to bundle up as they head outdoors for work and play. The change in weather brings with it fall pests like stink bugs and other annoying insects. Fleas also become a problem as they seek warmer places to hunker down for the winter.

Stink Bugs

Fall's cooler weather invites the stink bugs out to play as they swarm on the sides of houses and businesses in our area. Unfortunately, these pests don't stay outside where they belong. They like to find cracks and crevices for protection as the seasons change. Stink bugs fly in as you open the doors or windows or crawl between the cracks into your home.

Stink bugs emit a foul odor as a defense mechanism when they're threatened. However, this odor is also emitted if they've been crushed, leaving quite an unpleasant smell in your home or business. Stink bugs gather in large numbers and are active during the fall and winter if they're in direct sunlight. Pest control professionals can help to eliminate stink bugs and to prevent an infestation as the weather changes.


Fleas are a nuisance no matter the time of year. Although they're more active during the summer, they also affect homes and businesses during the fall and winter months. They congregate in open areas like yards and hop onto animals and people as they pass. A flea's primary food source is blood, and its bites can cause allergic reactions in people and pets.

You shouldn't take a flea infestation lightly even in the fall since these pests will continue to breed and to spread throughout living and working spaces. It doesn't take much to transport a flea infestation from the yard into your home or business. Once they're inside, the fleas will dig deep into the carpet fibers and become difficult to treat with conventional over-the-counter products. A pest control professional uses highly effective methods to target fleas and their eggs, ensuring successful eradication usually after one treatment.

Professional Pest Control

Dealing with stink bugs and fleas can easily consume all of your time and effort as the summer ends. Contact Dayton's Pest Control for a free quote and a complete inspection of your home or business. Stink bug infestations will quickly grow out of control, and fleas will infiltrate and cause numerous problems in your home if you don't take immediate action. Our certified and highly experienced professionals will inspect your home or business, target the pests with effective treatments and prevent an infestation throughout the year.