Mice and rats may make popular pets, but as wild animals living in your home, they are a serious problem. Wild rodents are common carriers of disease and their waste can build up in a home leading to a significant problem.

Additionally, they will invade your food storage, chew through wires, and create holes in boxes and walls. If the problem persists, not only will they live and breed in your home, they will also die there. There are few things worse than dead mice behind the walls in your home!

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Mouse Infestations

Homeowners interested in finding a solution to mice and rats in the home should bear one crucial point in mind: “just one” does not exist. “Just one” female rat or mouse, left to its own devices, can quickly create a population explosion! The Family Handyman says that 10 litters of six to seven mice per litter are possible with a single female mouse over the course of one year.

As these mice move around in a home, they will leave their scent behind, which will attract other mice and rats and encourage them to enter your home as well.

Mice are carriers of many different bacteria and harmful viruses, such as salmonella and hantavirus as well as multiple parasites, including mites, ticks, tapeworms, and ringworms, according to experts at Pennsylvania State University.

Mice can access even a very well-sealed home, passing in through gaps as small as a dime, and rats are able to pass through a space as small as a quarter. They are destructive to a home; mice will gnaw through drywall, nibble through wiring, and become a foul-smelling health hazard as they die behind walls and under floors.

Rat Infestations and Control

Rats are larger, more intelligent, and highly sophisticated cousins to mice. Rats work in clans led by a dominant male, and recognize rats in their clan by the scent of their breath. They are excellent swimmers, able to survive for two days in open water, and can recognize, by scent, objects as far as 82 feet away.

Their teeth and jaws are extraordinarily strong, and they are able to chew through nearly anything in a home but steel. Above all, these creatures are survivors, and as such, they are well-equipped to do what it takes to keep on living in your home.