For spectacular scenery and outdoor recreation, it doesn’t get much better than Sevierville. We’re not far from terrific hiking, fishing and bird-watching. The clean Smoky Mountain air and beautiful trees draw nature lovers from around the country.

The only disadvantage is that Sevierville has the ideal climate for unwelcome critters. Our moderate temperatures and humidity levels create an environment that pests can thrive in year-round. Homes and businesses alike are susceptible to invasion.

Fortunately, Dayton’s Pest Control has more than 30 years’ experience protecting residential property and the bottom line.

Residential Pest Control

Subterranean termites can quietly eat into a home long before its occupants see the evidence. These pests stay busy tunneling their way inside even in winter months. By the time spring arrives and signs of activity start showing up, they may have already done extensive damage. Researchers believe that carpenter ants, which are also highly destructive, are now almost as prevalent as termites. We also have some unusual pests, like kudzu bugs and stinkbugs, that other regions of the U.S. don’t have to contend with. In addition to compromising structures and ruining gardens, many common pests pose health risks. Rats carry numerous diseases, and just being in their proximity could put you at risk for airborne dangers. Our technicians have the knowledge and ammunition to win this battle and prevent future invasions.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses don’t have long these days to impress increasingly picky consumers. When you’ve worked hard to build a great brand and credibility in the community, the last thing you need is an off-putting infestation. Flies, roaches or furry critters will drive your customers to a rival down the street. We come to the rescue every day in office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, schools and retail stores. We’re known for our quick response time in emergencies, flexible scheduling and discreet crew members. Our effective, high-quality products are also the safest and least odorous on the market. The treatments will never put your customers’ or employees’ health at risk.

Here are some of the pests that Dayton’s handles:

If you are dealing with a pest problem at your home or office, Dayton’s Pest Control can help. To find out how we can solve your pest problems and get your free quote, contact us today.