Stinging pests like bees, wasps and hornets can make it challenging for you to spend time in your yard. Furthermore, they can be dangerous if they infiltrate your home. To eliminate stinging pests from the inside or outside of your residence, be sure to contact us at Dayton’s Pest Control.


There are more than 20,000 bee species throughout the world. Bees are hairy so that they can collect pollen. Also, some bees are black or yellow while others are brown and red. Bees can even have blue stripes. Since bees are pollinators, many states protect them, so if bees infest your home, then you’ll need to call a professional exterminator to remove them properly.


The appearance of wasps varies according to their species, but most of them have two pairs of wings along with a squeezed waist. They can be black and yellow, metallic green or blue. Furthermore, some species grow to several centimeters long.


Hornets are predatory creatures that feed on other insects. Therefore, farmers can use them for organic pest control. The insects are black and yellow. Hornet nests are made from a paper substance that contains their saliva and wood pulp. Also, the insects build their nests in attic rafters and trees as well as in other protected areas.

Home and Health

Stinging pests are a health risk because some people are allergic to them. In fact, wasps and hornets are a greater threat because they can sting you multiple times while most bees can only sting once. In addition, stinging pests may weaken your property’s structures by nesting in them.

Extermination Assistance

For comprehensive pest removal service, call us at Dayton’s Pest Control. Our technicians have the skill and equipment to eliminate your stinging pest problem. Moreover, we can help you regain your home or outdoor space.