Many pest infestations begin when the weather starts getting cooler. I can’t even tell you how many calls we get here at Dayton’s Pest Control from folks whose homes are swarmed with stink bugs seemingly overnight. Despite the fact that they don’t cause humans any physical harm, these pesky little pests can make life truly miserable. The reason is revealed by their very name: When they’re scared, they emit a musty odor that is truly disgusting. Similarly, this odor is released when they are squashed, so stomping on them does more harm than good.

Stink Bugs: A Growing Problem

Stink bugs have no natural enemies, and they can’t be eradicated using standard insecticides. As a result, they have managed to spread across the country like wildfire. At first, they were mostly found in very warm, humid parts of the country. Now, they are being reported as far north as Quebec. All stink bugs are shaped like shields. Green stink bugs are bright green in color and have orange-yellow borders. Brown stink bugs are brownish-yellow in color. Regardless of how they look, these bugs are a major nuisance.

How to Deal with a Stink Bug Problem

There’s a lot of advice out there about dealing with stink bugs. Prevention is far better than the cure, so go around your home sealing up cracks and other potential entryways. Don’t let plants grow too close to the home, and position vegetable gardens well away from the home too. If it’s too late and stink bugs have already gotten in, contact Dayton’s Pest Control. We are the local stink bug exterminating experts, and we can help rid you of these smelly, unpleasant pests once and for all.