Tellico Village, Tennessee, is a beautiful place to live. Only a few things can dampen the fun. If you’re concerned about pests invading your home or worried about structural maintenance issues that are difficult to correct, call Dayton’s Pest Control. Since 1985, we’ve offered a range of professional home services that make life better.

Pest Control Services

Whether you’re dealing with chipmunks in the attic, mice in the garage or lady beetles in the windows, Dayton’s Pest Control is here to solve the problem. Have us inspect your property, provide an estimate and complete one-time or ongoing treatments at your home.

Our industry-leading services effectively eliminate the most stubborn pests, including bedbugs, invasive ants, and subterranean termites. We proudly offer courteous, customized pest control services to customers in Tellico Village, Knoxville, and the surrounding area.

Radon Mitigation Systems

Radon gas is a serious health risk across Tennessee. Loudon County is in a hot zone because shale deposits that contain uranium are decomposing deep under the ground. If you haven’t had your home tested yet, you should. Approximately 30 percent of homes in eastern Tennessee test positive for radon. Ongoing exposure is a top cause of lung cancer.

A simple test can show you if this radioactive gas is entering your house. Since radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless, there’s no other way to know. If the test is negative, you don’t need to worry. If the radon level inside your house is above 4 picocuries per liter, our professionals can install a mitigation system that collects the gas and safely vents it away from your home before it enters your living room.

Crawlspace Repairs

Other problems besides radon can crop up in your crawlspace. Ground moisture contributes to mold and mildew problems as well as musty odors, especially if your crawlspace has a dirt floor. Adding a vapor barrier is an effective way to keep the moisture where it belongs. If you’re battling chronic humidity problems, increasing the airflow and installing a dehumidification system are two good solutions.

If water flows through the foundation during storms, we can install a sump pump that diverts the rainwater away from your home. Poor drainage and grading allow water to infiltrate your crawlspace. It also puts excess pressure on the structure that could crack the foundation.

At Dayton’s Pest Control, we offer a variety of services to weatherize your crawlspace and prevent moisture problems that could damage your home and harm its resale value. Insulating and encapsulating your crawlspace is an excellent way to keep the moisture out while increasing your storage space.

Expert Pest Control and Home Services in Tellico Village

Dayton’s Pest Control is a family-owned business that serves residents in Tellico Village and the greater Knoxville area. Give us a call to learn more about the pest control and home maintenance services that we offer.