No type of infestation is ideal, but termites can be especially harmful for your home or commercial property. If termites find a way into the wood structures of your home, they could eat away at the material until the damage is dangerous and costly. Catching the infestation early will greatly reduce the damage, so all homeowners and business owners should know how to identify termites and how to minimize their risk.

What’s Attracting Termites to Your Home?

Termites enjoy eating a wide variety of materials, including wood, drywall, and leather. Virtually all homes have materials that look attractive to termites. However, you may be at a particularly high risk of a termite problem if your home is prone to moisture. Termites prefer soft or rotting wood, so they tend to seek out high-moisture areas. Leaky pipes, lack of airflow, and poor drainage can all contribute to termite infestations. If your home has any cracks in the exterior, it might become even easier for termites to come inside.

If you notice any termites in your home, get help from a termite control expert near you. Termites can damage the foundation of your home – costing you thousands.

Different Types of Termites in Tennessee

In the last few decades, termites have started migrating by traveling on interstate trucks, which means there are now more termite species in Tennessee than there used to be. The most common termites in Tennessee are subterranean termites. This species typically lives underground and creates tunnels to travel to their food sources, and they can cause severe damage to homes and other structures. You might also find drywood termites in your home. Another type of termite that feeds on wood.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termites don’t always swarm, so identifying termite infestations can be difficult. They may cause damage to your home before you see any signs of them. You should stay alert for signs of damaged wood or drywall throughout your house, including small holes, discoloration, crumbling wood, or buckling floor boards.

Another common sign of a termite infestation is pencil-sized mud tubes in the ground adjacent to your home. You might also see discarded wings near your windows or doors.

Local Termite Inspectors and Exterminators in Tennessee

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