Walland, TN Pest Control

2e1ax default entry Bed Bug 3The warm and humid summer and spring months in the Walland, Tennessee area allow for the possibility of experiencing issues with several different pests that are common throughout this area. In particular, rodents and bed bugs are common pests that Walland residents can find themselves faced with. If you're experiencing issues with pest infestations of any type, you will want to contact a reliable pest control company that can assist you with getting the issue sorted right away.

Rats and Mice

Rodents such as rats and mice typically come into your home to find a good source of food or water. Since many of the same foods that you consume also appeal to them, it can be a common occurrence to find evidence of the existence of rodents in the kitchen or pantry area of your home.

Many people consider rodents to be nothing more than a bother, but they can cause a lot of structural damage to your home. It's not uncommon for rats and mice to chew through electrical wires, insulation, paneling, and other surfaces that make up the infrastructure of your home. Additionally, they like to make their nests in old clothing, shoes, or even paper, chewing holes in these items as they burrow. Rodents have also been known to carry many different diseases that can be passed on to humans, so it's important to sort out a rodent infestation promptly.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are fairly common insects that got their name from the fact that they prefer to infest mattresses, bedding, and other sleeping areas. Because bed bugs are parasitic in nature, they hang out in these areas so that they can feed on the blood of those that are sleeping nearby. Bed bugs can remain well hidden in the seams of mattresses or in tiny cracks in the walls and floors of your bedroom. You can have a bed bug infestation for a long period of time before you realize they are there.

The biggest issue with bed bugs are the bothersome bites they inflict on their human hosts. These bites can create itchy rashes and skin irritations, especially in children or those with sensitive skin. Bed bugs can hitchhike home with you in your luggage as you return from vacation, camp, or other locations where they tend to reside. In fact, they are a common problem in college dorms. If you have adult children that attend a college or university, you will want to be aware of the possibility of bed bugs traveling home with them. Bed bugs are hardy creatures and can be difficult to get rid of on your own, so an experienced pest control specialist is the best place to seek help in eradicating them.

Finding pests inside your home, shed, or surrounding areas is a very troubling thing that can affect your peace of mind and create unnecessary stress. Bed bugs can cause itchy rashes and can be very difficult to eradicate on your own. Likewise, rats and mice are capable of contaminating your food supply or spreading diseases throughout your home. Some pests can also damage various structures of your home that can be expensive to repair or replace. If you're experiencing issues with any type of pest, it's best to nip the problem in the bud promptly. Contact Dayton's Pest Control for a free quote on the wide variety of pest control services we offer.