White Pine is a town located in Jefferson County, Tennessee. White Pine is known for its picturesque setting of rolling hills and pastoral landscapes.

This historic small town was built on family owned businesses and that continues today. White Pines is a perfect place for families and retirees to settle.

The lakes, golf courses and great outdoors surrounding White Pines, TN are what makes it such a great place to live. Unfortunately, pests also enjoy living in White Pines and may try to invade your home. If you are suffering from a pest infestation in White Pines, Dayton’s Pest Control is here to help!

Pest Control

Pest infestations can get out of hand quickly. You notice a few ants in the house and then all of a sudden there’s a small colony. Pests can cause serious damage to your home and carry diseases. At Dayton’s we specialize in pest control. Don’t let pests damage your home or health get professional help with White Plains Pest Control.

Pests we service: 

Termite Control

Termite control can remove termite populations from a house, business, or construction site. We utilize the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System; this system is beneficial because it is low-impact and does not consist of liquid pesticides.

Radon Mitigation System

Radon mitigation lessens radon gas concentrations inside of a building. It can help make a home or business safer and more eco-friendly. It is vital that those who already have a radon mitigation system installed in their home have it inspected every couple of years and upgrade it from time to time. Radon mitigation services are offered for those who own or oversee condominiums, multi-family homes, or new homes.

Crawl Space Repair

A rotting or disintegrating crawl space can affect the rest of your home, leading to uneven floors, unpleasant odors, increased allergen levels, and drywall cracks. Crawl space encapsulation services can address these issues and improve the overall environment of a home.


Mold can damage a person’s home or business as well as their health. Mold removal services are beneficial because they can tackle common mold, rot and decay, black mold, and dust mites, resulting in a safer, cleaner home or business.

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Don’t fight off a pest infestation on your own. If you are located in White Plains or Jefferson County, let the experts at Dayton’s Pest Control eliminate the problem for you.

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